Premium Bonds Prize Checker – How to check if you’ve won

prize checker premium bonds

Every month, a wave of excitement sweeps across the UK as hopeful Premium Bonds holders question: “Is it my turn to win big?” Yet, many remain unaware of their fortune, silently accumulating in the unsought corridors of the NS&I prize checker. Transform curiosity into knowledge and ensure you’re not missing out on your reward. With the Premium Bonds prize checker, uncovering whether you’re a recipient of the monthly windfall has never been easier. You no longer have to wait for a stroke of serendipity; check my prizes online and embrace the anticipation as the Premium Bonds winning numbers might align with your very own.

Empower your fortune-seeking journey with the accessible NS&I prize checker, updated punctually each month, giving you the liberty to promptly uncover the Premium Bonds results. It’s time to move past the days of misplaced paper slips and forgotten follow-ups; take control of your investment with just a few clicks or a tap on your screen. Could this be the moment your savings pay off unexpectedly?

Key Takeaways

  • The NS&I prize checker updates on the day after the first working day of each month, with information on current and past winnings.
  • To discover if they’re winners, bond holders simply need their unique holder’s number, which can be found on their Bond record or through their NS&I online account.
  • The prize checker is available online and through a dedicated mobile app for easy access anytime, anywhere.
  • Holders can easily check the Premium Bonds winning numbers for the current month, the past six months, and any unclaimed prizes.
  • By regularly utilising the prize checker, bond holders maximise their chances of promptly claiming any outstanding prizes.

Understanding Premium Bonds and Their Prizes

Premium Bond results information

Premium Bonds, the brainchild of National Savings & Investments (NS&I), are an intriguing option for savers across the United Kingdom. Unlike traditional savings, they offer the opportunity to win tax-free prizes every month with amounts that would pique the interest of any prospective saver. The prizes range from the benevolent £25 to a life-altering £1 million jackpot. For many, this lottery-style saving scheme is an attractive proposition as the rewards are completely exempt from UK tax.

Every Premium Bond purchased is allocated a unique number which then enters into the NS&I’s monthly prize draw. This draw is the crux of excitement for bond holders, as it’s their chance to win big. To engender fairness and anticipation, prizes are sprinkled across three distinct value bands: higher, medium, and lower. Each band is designated a specific percentage of the total monthly prize pot, ensuring winners at all investment levels.

  1. The Higher Value Band: reserved for the largest prizes, including the £1 million jackpot.
  2. The Medium Value Band: comprises substantial but more frequently awarded prizes.
  3. The Lower Value Band: offers numerous smaller prizes that still add excitement to the mix.

Winners have the option to receive their prizes in ways that best suit their saving strategy. One can either have prizes paid directly into their bank account or, with a nod to maximising future prospects, opt to reinvest the winnings into purchasing additional Premium Bonds. This reinvestment not only augments potential future winnings but also supports the ‘more the merrier’ principle when it comes to the number of entries in upcoming draws.

In tune with technology, the NS&I has developed multiple platforms such as the Premium Bond checker and Premium Bonds checker to ensure that bondholders can stay informed about their draw outcomes. Regularly updated Premium Bond results help keep the thrill of potential winnings a constant companion in the minds of savers.

Introducing the Premium Bonds Prize Checker

Keeping track of your potential winnings with Premium Bonds can be as seamless and efficient as ever, thanks to the innovative tools provided by National Savings and Investments (NS&I). The premium bond checker online service and the convenient premium bonds prize checker app have revolutionised the way bondholders engage with their investments, making it exceedingly straightforward to stay updated with the latest premium bonds winning numbers.

Premium Bonds Prize Checker Interface

Where to find your Holder’s Number

At the heart of the prize checking process is your unique Holder’s Number, a crucial identifier that unlocks the pathway to discovering your wins. Whether you’re using the web-based checker or the app, your Holder’s Number is imperative. It’s straightforward to locate – you can find this unique series of digits within your physical bond records, or simply by signing into your NS&I account online.

Monthly updates on Prize Checker

No more waiting or unnecessary suspense – with the premium bonds prize checker, all the latest information is made available promptly. The day after the first working day of each month marks a fresh update, ensuring that you can instantly check if luck has landed in your favour. This timely update includes all the recent prizes as well as those that might have slipped past you in the preceding six months or even those that remain unclaimed from prior draws.

  1. Access the premium bond checker online via the NS&I website or through the dedicated premium bonds prize checker app.
  2. Enter your unique Holder’s Number or NS&I number as instructed.
  3. View the updated list of premium bonds winning numbers and see if you’re a delighted winner.
  4. If fortunate, follow the steps provided to claim your prize effortlessly.

The combination of accessibility, convenience, and efficiency makes the Premium Bonds Prize Checker a staple tool for every bondholder in the United Kingdom.

The Convenience of the Prize Checker Premium Bonds App

Embracing technology’s forefront, National Savings and Investments (NS&I) simplifies how savers can verify their fortunes through the Premium Bonds prize checker. The ubiquity of smartphones and the digitalisation of financial services have steered NS&I to offer its free, official Premium Bonds checker app, fulfilling a demand for accessibility and immediate updates.

Premium Bonds prize checker app interface

Downloading and Using the App

The NS&I prize checker app is within your grasp and can be effortlessly installed on various devices. Whether you favour Apple’s iOS or have a predilection for Android, you can procure the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. The design revolves around user-friendliness, ensuring that regardless of technological proficiency, every user can navigate with ease and comfort.

Checking Prizes Using NS&I Number

To check for any wins using the app, customers require either their unique Holder’s Number or their distinct 11-digit NS&I number. This number, starting with 11, 21, 31, or 41, is commonly found on written correspondence from NS&I. The app guarantees the convenience of timely notifications, synchronising with the monthly prize updates, and allowing users to remain informed about their investment returns.

  • Download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.
  • Input your Holder’s Number or NS&I number to log in.
  • Retrieve the latest draw results with a simple tap.

Thanks to this innovation, checking your Premium Bonds winnings has transcended traditional methods. With the Premium Bonds checker app, you can ascertain your prize status wherever you are, adding a layer of anticipation to each month’s prize draw announcement.

Utilising Voice-Activated Prize Checking with Amazon Alexa

Checking for premium bond winning numbers has never before been as effortless and futuristic as it is now. Gone are the days of manually searching for results or waiting for notifications. With the innovative Amazon Alexa Premium Bonds skill, you can obtain your prize status just by speaking. This remarkable skill is designed to be a hands-free experience that perfectly complements the busy lifestyle of today’s Premium Bonds holders in the UK.

By simply activating this skill on your Alexa-enabled device, you can ask Alexa to check the latest draw results. Here’s a guide on how to make the most out of this cutting-edge feature:

  1. Enable the Premium Bonds prize checker skill through your Amazon Alexa app.
  2. Link the skill with your NS&I account to personalise your experience.
  3. Ask Alexa to check for any winnings or unclaimed prizes linked to your account.

With this voice-activated facility, staying updated on whether you’ve struck luck this month is made truly convenient. Imagine cooking dinner or doing household chores while Alexa confirms your financial windfall—this is smart savings management at its best. You can even schedule regular updates on draw days, ensuring you’re one of the first to know if your numbers have come in.

It’s worth noting that the Amazon Alexa Premium Bonds skill is not just a nifty gadget for the tech-savvy but a practical tool for anyone keen to keep abreast of their investment outcomes. This level of accessibility allows all investors, regardless of their familiarity with technology, to benefit from the world of voice-command services.

  • Instant prize checks without the need for screens or logins
  • Hands-free interaction amid multitasking
  • Prompt notifications about new winning numbers
  • Fast discovery of potential unclaimed prizes

The allure of discovering a surprise windfall is ever-present with Premium Bonds, and now thanks to the progression of voice-activated digital assistants, that excitement is just a command away. So, why not try querying Alexa about your Premium Bonds today?

Amazon Alexa Premium Bonds Skill

Securing Prizes with Automated Payments and Reinvestment

Finding out you’re a winner in the Premium Bonds draw is exciting, and thanks to the NS&I’s efficient options for prize receipt, accessing your winnings is both straightforward and secure. One can easily keep abreast of premium bonds results with the variety of Premium Bonds prize options available at their fingertips.

Premium Bonds prize payment

When fortune smiles, and you gain a prize, you can opt for a secure prize payment process that aligns with your preferences and ensures your winnings are transferred or reinvested without delay. Below, we explore the prize collection methods that reinforce not only convenience but also the seamless security associated with Premium Bonds.

  • Automatic Bank Transfer: Prefer the tangibility of cash in your bank? Arrange for prizes to be paid directly into your preferred bank account or into an NS&I Direct Saver.
  • Reinvestment: To maximise your chances of future wins, you may choose to reinvest your prizes into additional Premium Bonds.
  • Communication: Whether you savour email notifications or prefer the immediacy of text messages, NS&I accommodates your communication preference to keep you informed post-draw.

As a reminder, should you be among the lucky winners, timely notification is guaranteed. The choice, however, remains yours—opt between the assurance of added savings with reinvestment, or the instant gratification of a bank deposit. Whatever you decide, rest assured your prizes are in safe hands.

Navigating Prize Bands and Allocation of the Prize Fund

Understanding how National Savings and Investments (NS&I) allocates the monthly prize budget is essential for both seasoned and novice Premium Bond holders. The distinct prize bands—higher, medium, and lower—serve as the basis for the allocation of the prize fund, striking a balance between lesser rewards and the sought-after £1million jackpot. It’s this very strategy that adds a thrilling layer of anticipation to each draw, as savers utilise tools such as the premium bond checker to see if fortune has favoured them.

Here is a breakdown of how prizes are typically distributed among the different bands:

  1. Higher Value Prizes: Although the least numerous, they represent the life-changing sums, including the monthly £1million jackpots.
  2. Medium Value Prizes: These offer substantial winnings, often enticing enough to financially support significant purchases or bolster savings.
  3. Lower Value Prizes: Most prevalent, these include the £25 winnings, which contribute modest yet joyful increments to one’s savings.

A carefully structured prize fund allocation ensures that the excitement of winning remains alive for each participant, whether it be the delight of a £25 prize or the euphoria of bagging the top prize. Consistent distribution is key to keeping the Premium Bond programme fair and equitable, enhancing its appeal to a broad range of savers across the United Kingdom.

The fundamental beauty of the Premium Bond scheme lies in its randomised yet balanced approach to prize allocation. By utilising the premium bond checker, bond holders can swiftly and efficiently discover any potential prizes that they may have won, ensuring that every investment, big or small, has the chance to yield a pleasing return. It’s a blend of prudent saving and the thrill of a lottery draw, all rolled into one.

Claiming Missed Prizes and Replacement Procedures

If you haven’t received your prize money, or you’re in possession of an unclaimed Premium Bonds prize, rest assured, NS&I offers a straightforward process to claim your rewards. Whether due to outdated bank details or mishaps in postal delivery, the mechanisms for securing your prizes are robust. To continue, let’s look at updating your bank information and handling prize cheques that have gone astray or expired.

How to Update Your Bank Details

Keeping your bank details current with NS&I is vital for a seamless prize collection experience. If there’s ever a change in your banking circumstances, promptly updating your information ensures that you can claim Premium Bonds prizes without delay. Using your online NS&I account, proceed to the ‘Your profile’ section where you can edit your bank details. Not only does this facilitate automated prize payouts, but it also safeguards against any potential disruptions in your prize claims.

What to Do if Your Cheque Hasn’t Arrived or Expired

Received a prize cheque that’s gone past its expiry date or are still waiting for one to arrive? NS&I has provisions in place for a prize cheque replacement. If three months have elapsed since the issuance and the cheque remains uncashed, you can request a replacement. On the other hand, if you’re expecting a cheque that hasn’t materialised, get in touch with NS&I to verify your mailing address and arrange for a new cheque to be sent out.

  • Check the end of month: It’s a good practice to verify by the end of each month whether you have received your prizes.
  • Direct bank transfers: Typically take up to seven working days post-draw to be credited.
  • Prize re-investment: An alternative to cheques, prizes can be immediately reinvested into more bonds, minimising the reliance on postal services.
  • Claiming and updating Premium Bonds prize details

Never let an unclaimed prize slip away due to outdated or incorrect personal details. The digital age makes claiming and keeping track of your Premium Bonds prizes more convenient than ever before. Secure your investments and your returns by staying informed and proactive regarding your prize claim procedures.

Steps to Recover Unclaimed Prizes

Thousands of savers have unclaimed Premium Bonds winnings lying in wait, often due to outdated personal details preventing the delivery of good news. NS&I holds these prizes with utter security, ensuring that no matter how much time has passed, your winnings are reserved for you. To reclaim what is rightfully yours, it’s crucial to follow a few simple yet pivotal steps.

unclaimed Premium Bonds winnings

Checking for Unclaimed Prizes

To begin the journey of reclaiming potential wealth, NS&I has made it effortless for bondholders to check for unclaimed Premium Bonds winnings. By using their prize checker online or the prize checker app, you can swiftly discover if a windfall awaits. Acting on this sooner rather than later is not only practical but could result in a delightful cash boost.

How to Update Personal Information

Keeping your Premium Bonds details up-to-date is essential in preventing prizes from going unclaimed. If you’re registered for NS&I’s online and phone services, updating your details is as straightforward as logging in. For those not yet taking advantage of these services, a written communication, inclusive of your holder’s number, both your current and previous details and your signature, is necessary for informing NS&I of any changes. This proactive measure ensures your prizes find their way to you without any hitches.

  • Register or sign in to NS&I’s online services to maintain your details.
  • Send a letter to NS&I with necessary changes if not registered online.
  • Check regularly for new wins and keep an eye on your contact information.

Remember, your prizes are yours for the taking; they do not expire. Take a moment to update your Premium Bonds details and safeguard your chances of rejoicing in future wins.

Maintaining Up-to-Date Information for Seamless Prize Redemption

For Premium Bonds holders, the ease of prize redemption correlates directly with the accuracy of their stored personal information. It’s vital to register your premium bond account and update your Premium Bonds profile as a priority to avoid any hitches in receiving your prizes. NS&I has streamlined this process, affording you the convenience to make these updates through their online and phone platforms.

Online and Phone Service Registration

Registering for NS&I’s online and phone services is a straightforward step towards efficient prize management. Once registered, you’ll have the capacity to adjust personal details, track your bond numbers, and maintain current bank information—actions that are paramount to securing prompt prize payments.

Changing Contact Details

Should your circumstances change, it is imperative to update your contact details as promptly as possible. Updating your address, phone number, and banking details, ensures all communications and prize disbursements from NS&I reach you without delay.

  • Log in to your NS&I account to amend personal particulars.
  • Utilise the telephone service for guided assistance.
  • Regular updates keep your account in good standing, maximising your investment with NS&I.

Secure management of your investments begins with these essential steps. Be proactive; keeping your profile up-to-date is key to never missing out on due rewards.

Latest Developments and the Impact on Premium Bonds Winners

Keeping abreast with the latest Premium Bonds updates is not only enlightening for current and prospective bond holders but also essential in ensuring that you’re fully aware of the latest opportunities and security measures in place.

Unclaimed Prizes Statistic Overview

In an intriguing reveal, the National Savings and Investments (NS&I) has reported a staggering amount of unclaimed prizes. The sum, which runs into millions of pounds, comprises forgotten winnings – some of which date back over 18 months. These figures are not simply statistics; they represent real people missing out on their entitled rewards. NS&I reassures customers that these unclaimed funds are securely held and await collection at any point, once the rightful owners are identified.

Security Measures for Jackpot Prize Winners

For those lucky enough to win the top-tier Premium Bonds jackpot, the reward experience includes heightened security to safeguard their newfound wealth. NS&I has set in place robust Premium Bonds jackpot security protocols, which include an exclusive home visit by the illustrious ‘Agent Million’. This NS&I representative ensures confidentiality and the secure verification of identities, providing winners with peace of mind alongside their substantial prize. It’s a unique blend of celebration and discretion, underscored by NS&I’s commitment to protecting their customers.

As developments unfold, keeping informed of the latest changes within the Premium Bonds landscape is crucial. Whether it’s to stay in the loop about your investment or to ensure the integrity of jackpot winnings, NS&I continues to strive towards providing a secure and transparent service for all bondholders.


The dynamic landscape of saving with Premium Bonds through NS&I offers an attractive proposition for many in the UK, not least because of the ease with which holders can check if they’ve won with Premium Bonds. The assortment of prize-checker tools ensures that anyone, regardless of their savvy with technology, can access their winning information promptly and without fuss. It is indeed a testament to NS&I’s commitment to user-friendliness and modernity.

While the potential of securing high-value prizes can be the highlight for Premium Bond holders, maintaining up-to-date personal details with NS&I is a mundane yet crucial task to ensure a seamless premium bond prize claim process. Accurate information is vital, not only for the timely receipt of prizes but also to avoid the pitfalls of unclaimed awards. NS&I is unique in the level of security and assistance it provides, safeguarding unclaimed prizes and offering comprehensive support to help investors claim what is rightfully theirs.

To maximise the benefits of your investment, it is highly recommended to regularly utilise the NS&I prize checker, maintain current personal records, and familiarise oneself with the claiming processes. These steps not only enhance your chance of future success but also ensure that any wins, big or small, are never overlooked. For those invested in the UK’s favourite government-backed savings product, the array of tools and services provided by NS&I can lead to a robust and rewarding experience.


How do I check if I’ve won a prize on my Premium Bonds?

To check if you’ve won, use the Premium Bonds prize checker online at the NS&I website, via the free prize checker app available on iOS and Android, or through the Amazon Alexa Premium Bonds skill. Have your unique Holder’s Number or your NS&I number ready to access your prize information.

What is a Holder’s Number and where can I find it?

Your Holder’s Number is unique to your Premium Bonds account. It consists of either 9 or 10 digits, or 8 digits followed by a letter. You can find it on your bond record or by logging into your online account at NS&I.

How often is the Prize Checker updated with the latest Premium Bonds results?

The Prize Checker is updated by the day following the first working day of each month. It includes the most recent prizes awarded for the current month, the past six months, as well as any older unclaimed prizes.

How do I download and use the Premium Bonds prize checker app?

You can download the Premium Bonds prize checker app from the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android devices. Once installed, log in using your Holder’s Number or your NS&I number to check for any prizes.

Can I check my Premium Bonds prizes with my voice?

Yes, with the Amazon Alexa Premium Bonds skill enabled, you can check your prizes using voice commands. Simply activate the skill and ask Alexa if you’ve won on your Premium Bonds.

What prize payment options are available for Premium Bond winners?

You can opt to have your prizes paid directly into your bank account or reinvested into more Premium Bonds. Ensure your preferred payment method and corresponding details are up-to-date in your NS&I account.

How are the monthly Premium Bonds prizes allocated?

Prizes are designated over three value bands—higher, medium, and lower. A certain percentage of the monthly prize fund is assigned to each band, with multiple winners across different prize values, including the £1 million jackpot.

How do I claim a missed prize, or what should I do if my cheque hasn’t arrived or expired?

If prize money hasn’t been credited, or if you haven’t received a prize cheque by the end of the prize payment window, contact NS&I. For expired cheques, you can request a replacement through NS&I’s customer service.

How can I check for unclaimed Premium Bonds prizes?

You can check for unclaimed prizes using the Premium Bonds prize checker on NS&I’s website, the prize checker app, or through the Amazon Alexa skill. Have your Holder’s Number or NS&I Number handy.

What steps should I take if I need to update my personal details with NS&I?

To update your details, log into your NS&I account online or call their customer service. If you’re not registered for these services, send written notification including your Holder’s Number and the changes required.

How do I register for online and phone services with NS&I?

You can register for NS&I’s online and phone services through their website. You’ll need to provide some personal details to set up your account, which will then allow you to manage your Premium Bonds and personal information conveniently.

What security measures are in place for Premium Bonds jackpot winners?

NS&I’s ‘Agent Million’ personally visits jackpot winners, providing an additional layer of security and verification. They will always carry official identification to confirm their authenticity.

What is the latest on unclaimed Premium Bonds prizes?

There is a considerable sum in unclaimed Premium Bonds prizes. NS&I holds these indefinitely until the rightful owners come forward to claim them. Checking regularly using the NS&I prize checker tools is recommended.

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