Omaze Prize Draw Cornwall: Check out the incredible Cornish Omaze house

omaze prize draw cornwall

In an astonishing twist of fate, imagine receiving the call that you’ve just won a Cornish house valued at over £4.5 million—this was the reality for one Essex resident in the Omaze Prize Draw Cornwall. This fundraising giveaway turns dreams into realities by offering participants the chance to win a Cornish house through a charity prize draw while also supporting meaningful causes. For those looking to enter to win, this represents not just a chance at a new home, but an opportunity to take part in an extraordinary philanthropic event.

Key Takeaways

  • The Omaze Prize Draw offers participants a chance to win a Cornish house worth over £4.5 million.
  • Entering the prize draw is more than just a competition—it’s also a vital act of charity.
  • June Smith from Essex was the lucky participant who won a luxurious six-bedroom home overlooking the Fowey Estuary plus £100,000 in cash.
  • Despite the win, the house was placed on the market, reflecting the winner’s commitment to using the prize to bolster her family’s future.
  • By taking part, participants combine the excitement of potentially winning with the satisfaction of supporting charitable initiatives.
  • To participate in the Omaze Prize Draw Cornwall and stand a chance to win, individuals simply need to enter to win.

A Dream Turned Reality: Inside the Cornish Omaze House

Imagine stepping through the doors of a majestic Cornwall mansion, a home where luxury and coastal living blend seamlessly. The chance to win a dream experience at a property epitomising modern elegance is not a mere daydream, but a reality offered through the prestigious Omaze sweepstakes, with life-changing experiences for its winners.

The Architectural Marvel Overlooking the Fowey Estuary

When envisioning a luxury house, the Cornwall mansion along the Fowey Estuary sets the standard. This waterfront property with its three-storey elegance represents a masterclass in architecture. With panoramic views stretching across the estuary, the residence is a symbol of grandeur, offering an unrivaled perspective of the Cornish landscape.

Luxury Cornwall Mansion with Panoramic Estuary Views

A Home with a Heart: Luxuries that Redefine Living

  • Open-plan kitchen fitted with top-notch appliances for the avid chef.
  • Expansive living areas providing ample space for entertainment and relaxation.
  • An elegant cantilevered staircase adding to the interior’s modern appeal.
  • Vast, glazed walls inviting natural light and offering stunning estuary vistas.

Step outside to discover the private mooring exclusive to the residence, a feature that delightfully marries the sophistication of the mansion with the adventurous lure of the sea. Be it through the tangible luxury of the property or the promise of nautical escapades, this is coastal living reimagined.

The Surprise that Changed a Life: June Smith’s Story

For Omaze sweepstakes winner June Smith, the chance to win this luxury mansion was more than a stroke of luck; it signified a poignant turn of events. The life-changing experience did not just endow her with keys to an exquisite home but also embraced the dreams her late husband held dear. Opting to sell the property, her decision anchored her family’s future, ensuring financial stability and honouring a shared vision of prosperity.

A luxury mansion, a private mooring, and a story of turning the tide of fortune – this is the wonder of the Omaze dream experience on the Cornish coast.

Supporting Charity While Winning Big

Embarking on the Omaze Cornwall House Draw is more than just a chance at claiming an impressive prize. It’s a fundraising giveaway that offers an uplifting blend of excitement and benevolence. Each ticket purchased is a step towards extending a helping hand to those in need, exemplifying how to support charity while indulging in the thrill of a potentially life-changing win.

By participating, you are directly contributing to the noble efforts of Marie Curie, an organisation that is synonymous with compassionate end-of-life care. The funds raised play a crucial role in sustaining vital services across the UK, including the provision of Marie Curie Nurses and Healthcare Assistants who work tirelessly to offer solace and support to patients and their families during some of the most trying periods of their lives.

  • Helping to cover the costs of nursing care for terminally ill patients
  • Supporting the families of the afflicted with emotional and practical help
  • Ensuring that expert care is accessible at the most needed times
  • Contributing to the continuous research and training to better care services

The impact of your support is immeasurable and resonates far beyond the walls of the stunning Cornish property that dangles as the carrot for hopeful contestants. It’s an opportunity to be part of something greater, to be aligned with a nationwide effort that changes lives and delivers kindness where it matters most.

Supporting Marie Curie with Fundraising Giveaway

Your generosity, pooled with that of others, amplifies this notion of community and collective effort, reinforcing the understanding that compassion is at the heart of every ticket entered into the Omaze Prize Draw. Taking part is not merely about the anticipation of winning; it’s about the assurance that every entry goes towards a compassionate cause—offering comfort and care to individuals and families navigating the hardest of journeys.

Living the Cornish Dream: What Winners Can Expect

Imagine waking up every morning to a serene vista of the Cornish countryside, the delicate blend of contemporary design meshed perfectly with the tranquillity of coastal retreat. This is what winners of the Omaze Prize Draw can expect—a luxury lifestyle that encapsulates both modernity and the natural allure of Cornwall. Step through the doors of an architectural masterpiece, a Cornish mansion with sweeping panoramic views, and experience a life where every detail embodies opulence on a private terrace that invites relaxation.

contemporary Cornish mansion

Modern Elegance Meets the Call of the Wild

The epitome of elegance is waiting for those lucky enough to win a holiday home that promises a retreat from the everyday. Here, every curve and corner proclaims mortgage-free living amid the finest lines of contemporary design, giving the owner the best of both worlds—a luxurious house nestled in the heart of the Cornish countryside.

From Sunrise to Sunset: A Day in the Life at the Omaze House

Enter to win, and envision your day unfolding in grandeur from dawn until dusk. Your morning begins with the first rays of the sun glinting off the estuary, which you can admire without even lifting your head from the pillow—thanks to automated blinds designing an effortless welcome to the new day. With exquisite en-suites and walk-in closets, the transition from peaceful repose to daytime activity is seamless. The day offers endless possibilities, from tending to professional matters in your home office to entertaining guests in a space that’s perfectly crafted for opulence and comfort.

An Unbeatable Offer: The House Plus £100,000 Cash

  • A coveted Cornish mansion, yours to call home
  • An additional £100,000 cash to help you settle in
  • The promise of a mortgage-free lifestyle
  • A chance to live lavishly with every comfort considered

By entering the prize draw, you stand the chance not only to claim a sumptuously designed residence but also to receive a windfall of £100,000 cash. Such an offer holds the key to truly embracing the life of luxury that so many dream of. Now, it’s your turn to take the leap and enter to win a slice of this unparalleled Cornish paradise.

omaze prize draw cornwall: How it’s More Than Just a Giveaway

The Omaze Million Pound House Draw is an enticing opportunity to win a trip to Cornwall, but it encompasses so much more. The initiative blends the thrill of winning with altruistic support, thereby transforming the contours of conventional giveaways. But how exactly does it extend beyond the mere excitement of potential personal gain?

Participants in the draw stand a chance to support vital environmental causes, directly contributing to conservation efforts. Since a portion of the proceeds aids significant charities, including the WWF, each entry serves as a step towards preserving the delicate balance of our ecosystem. In essence, when you partake in the draw, you aid in combating critical global threats to biodiversity and help promote the restoration and safeguarding of the UK’s cherished natural coasts.

  • By entering, you forge a bond with the WWF’s mission to create a world where humans can live in harmony with nature.
  • You are not just buying a chance to win; you’re becoming a part of a global effort to ensure future generations enjoy our planet’s natural wonders.

To underscore the importance of these initiatives, an image encapsulating the pristine beauty of Cornwall’s natural landscapes illustrates just what’s at stake—and what your participation helps to protect.

Win a trip to Cornwall

By joining hands with Omaze, individuals are empowered to support environmental causes that matter. Whether it’s safeguarding endangered species, combating climate change, or preserving the natural beauty of places like Cornwall, participation transcends the prospects of winning—it’s about making a significant difference.

To reiterate, it’s not just about the allure of residing in a dreamy locale or the subsequent monetary benefit that follows. The Omaze Prize Draw represents a beacon of hope for the environment, symbolising individual action moulding into a collective effort for sustaining our natural world. With every ticket to potentially win a trip to Cornwall, you echo support for the WWF and its commendable stewardship of our planet’s resources.


For those with a philanthropic spirit and a dash of fortune, the Omaze Prize Draw merges the thrill of possibility with the honourable act of charity. It’s your moment to potentially transform your own life and simultaneously contribute to a larger purpose. This fundraising giveaway offers more than just a windfall; it brings the joy of supporting charities like Marie Curie and the WWF, with an array of prizes that entice and excite.

Seizing the Chance to Change Lives: How to Enter

If you are keen to take a chance on this life-altering opportunity, entering the charity prize draw is simple. A few clicks or a postcard entry could catapult you into the ranks of those who’ve substantially upgraded their living situation while contributing to noble causes. Make sure to keep abreast of closing dates and detailed entry requirements, which are readily available to ensure inclusivity in participation.

The Impact Beyond the Win: Contributions to Marie Curie and WWF

The impact of your participation reverberates far beyond the ecstasy of winning; it sustains the charitable impact of organisations vital to our society. With each entry, funds are channelled to support Marie Curie’s compassionate end-of-life care and to assist WWF’s endeavours in conserving our planet’s precious biodiversity and responding to global environmental challenges. Step forward, partake in an extraordinary event, and be part of a story where everyone emerges victorious.


What is the Omaze Prize Draw in Cornwall?

The Omaze Prize Draw in Cornwall is a charity prize draw where participants have the chance to win a luxurious Cornish house worth over £4.5 million, along with a £100,000 cash prize, while supporting important charitable causes like Marie Curie and WWF.

How can I enter to win the Cornish Omaze house?

You can enter the Omaze Prize Draw Cornwall by participating through their official website or by sending a postal entry. Be sure to check the specific entry details and deadlines to ensure your participation is valid.

What kind of property is included in the Omaze Prize Draw Cornwall?

The prize property is a spectacular six-bedroom mansion located on the waterfront of the Fowey Estuary, featuring modern elegance, a private mooring, and breathtaking panoramic views, as well as a substantial £100,000 cash prize for a mortgage-free life of luxury.

Can I see pictures or a video of the Cornish Omaze house?

Yes, images and videos showcasing the stunning details of the Cornish mansion available to win in the Omaze Prize Draw can typically be found on the Omaze website or promotional material.

What charities will benefit from the Omaze Cornwall house draw?

Charities benefitting from the fundraising giveaway include Marie Curie, providing care and support to individuals with terminal illnesses, and the WWF, focusing on conservation efforts and addressing environmental challenges.

What happens if the winner decides to sell the Cornish house?

Should the winner decide to sell the property, as June Smith did, they are at liberty to do so. The proceeds from the sale can then be used at the discretion of the winner to benefit their future or support their family.

Is the Omaze Prize Draw Cornwall just for UK residents?

Entry requirements vary per draw, and it’s best to check the official terms and conditions provided by Omaze to ascertain eligibility, which may include international participants, subject to local laws and regulations.

How does the cash prize work in the Omaze Prize Draw?

The £100,000 cash prize included with the Cornish house is provided to the winner to help with any associated costs, allowing them to settle into their new home without financial concerns or to spend as they see fit.

What other types of experiences can be won through Omaze sweepstakes?

Omaze offers a variety of experiences and prizes through their sweepstakes, including dream holidays, celebrity experiences, and other luxury goods or once-in-a-lifetime events, with new opportunities arising regularly.

Can I still support the charity if I don’t win the prize draw?

Absolutely, you can support the charities directly through donations or by engaging with their individual fundraising events and campaigns to contribute to their valuable work.

How will I know if I win the Omaze Prize Draw?

Winners of the Omaze Prize Draw are notified by Omaze using the contact information provided at the time of entry. Ensure that your details are accurate to avoid any issues with winner notification.

Where can I find the terms and conditions of the Omaze Prize Draw Cornwall?

The terms and conditions for the Omaze Prize Draw Cornwall can be found on the Omaze website, outlining entry methods, eligibility, prizing details, and other important information for potential participants.

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