Million House Prize Draws – Omaze and secondary prize draw platforms

million house prize draw

In an era where property prices are soaring sky-high, the notion that a mere £10 can potentially secure a multi-million-pound home might sound like pure fantasy. Yet, this astounding opportunity is made real by platforms such as Omaze, which have revolutionised the concept of a property lottery giveaway. Offering participants the chance to win dream homes, these million house prize draws have captivated the imagination of the public, blending the allure of luxury real estate with the heartwarming act of supporting charitable causes.

Omaze UK Limited, operating through their website, has emerged as a philanthropic game-changer. With no payment required to enter, these competitions ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to secure the keys to an opulent new dwelling. Tying luck with generosity, Omaze not only grants wishes by awarding lavish properties but also channels significant donations to its partner charities, epitomising the “win:win” approach to fundraising.

Key Takeaways

  • The thrilling chance to win multi-million-pound homes for as little as £10, courtesy of Omaze’s unique prize draw model.
  • Equal winning opportunities for everyone, as these property lottery giveaways do not necessitate a payment to partake.
  • A spotlight on the altruistic aspect, where each draw result contributes to charitable organisations in a significant manner.
  • An insight into the user-friendly experience provided by Omaze, which is bound by official rules and is subject to regular legal updates.
  • The extensive impact of prize draw initiatives on numerous charitable causes, demonstrating the beneficial effects of the win dream home competition beyond mere property acquisition.

An Overview of Million House Prize Draws in the UK

The allure of luxury property giveaways in the United Kingdom has revolutionised the traditional raffle, offering a chance to win million-pound houses to everyday individuals. Such contests to win property do more than just hand over keys to grand residences; they stand as pillars of hope and generosity, aiding charitable endeavours across the nation.

Luxury Property Giveaway

In the heart of this philanthropic trend lies the opportunity not merely to dream but to potentially live out those dreams. British citizens are invited to participate in an innovative approach to homeownership, where their aspirations can align with social benevolence, courtesy of platforms like Omaze, which hosts these grand prize draws.

  • Monthly draws showcase spectacular homes, enriched with opulence and modernity.
  • Entry into these draws supports a medley of charitable causes, ensuring participants contribute to societal welfare.
  • The marketing prowess behind these draws kindles wide public interest, igniting conversations and bringing communities together in anticipation.
  • Most importantly, these contests guarantee substantial donations to charity, reinforcing the intrinsic value of every single entry.

Turning the vision of owning a majestic abode into a tangible reality, these prize draws bridge the gap between luxury living and charitable giving. A million house prize draw does not merely end with someone winning a property; it sows the seeds for a broader social impact, making it a truly enriching experience for all involved.

Delving into Omaze: A Forefront of Luxury Property Giveaways

Exploring the world of house raffle competitions, Omaze emerges as a leading platform, combining the thrill of winning with the joy of giving. Established across the pond and debuting in the UK in 2020, Omaze has quickly become synonymous with luxury property giveaways, offering not just homes but a chance at a transformed life, all while supporting non-profit organisations.

Omaze Mansion Prize Draw

What is Omaze?

Omaze is an innovative fundraising platform that revolutionises charitable donations through their immersive house raffle competitions. By entering the mansion prize draw, participants stand a chance to win grand property, with the assurance that their entry supports notable charitable causes. It’s a competitively advantageous model that serves altruistic and aspirational needs simultaneously.

How Omaze Alters Lives with Mansion Prize Draws

  1. Participants in Omaze’s elite competitions can win properties such as a sun-kissed villa in Mallorca or an elegant Chelsea townhouse.
  2. Each prize draw amplifies the excitement with lavish bonus prizes that often include luxurious cars, promising a life of opulence to the lucky winners.
  3. Winners receive their new home mortgage-free, furnished, and ready for a fresh start, embodying the dream of property ownership without the usual constraints.

Contributions to Charity: A Win-Win

The allure of turning keys to a new home is matched by the certainty of making an impact. Omaze ensures that with every mansion prize draw, substantial charitable donations are made to support non-profit organisations. By guaranteeing a minimum donation of £1 million, organisations like Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation receive much-needed funds, embodying the win-win ethos at the heart of Omaze’s mission.

The Entry Mechanics for a Chance to Win Million Pound House

Participate in property lottery

For those dreaming of luxurious living, understanding how to enter a mansion prize draw is essential. Participation in Omaze’s property lottery is a straightforward process, offering avenues for both paid and free entry. Here’s what you need to know to secure your chance at a life-changing win:

  1. Purchase Entries – Start by visiting the official Omaze platform. Entries can be bought in batches, with a minimum spend of £10 providing you with 15 entries into the draw.
  2. Free Entry by Postcard – If you prefer an entry that doesn’t require a purchase, simply send a postcard following the outlined criteria, and you’ll gain a single entry without cost.
  3. Monthly Subscriptions – To stay in the loop with each draw, consider subscribing for automatic monthly entries, ensuring you never miss a chance to win.

Once entered, your draw codes are held until the close of the competition. Winners are chosen through a random selection process, providing equal chances for each entry. Whether you participate in the property lottery through a purchase or free entry, each option offers a path toward potentially winning a stunning million pound house. Don’t miss your opportunity to step into a grander lifestyle.

  • The excitement of potentially owning a lavish property.
  • The ease and accessibility of entering the draw.
  • The thrill of waiting for the winning code to be announced.

Ready to take a shot at luxury? Join the prize draw today and be in with the chance to transform your life with a magnificent mansion as your prize. It’s more than a game of chance—it’s an opportunity to experience grandeur.

Secondary Prize Draw Platforms: Beyond the Grand Prize

When it comes to engaging the public in philanthropic efforts, Omaze goes beyond the allure of mansion giveaways. The platform extends its prize pool to include secondary prize draw opportunities, enhancing the excitement of participation. Not only do you stand a chance at winning the key to a luxury house, but with every draw, the possibility of winning additional prizes lies within reach.

  • Early Bird Rewards: Get in quick and you could see your efforts rewarded with tempting cash bonuses or the keys to a brand-new car.
  • Luxury Goods: Indulge in the finer things with chances to win premium products and exclusive experiences.
  • Gift Cards Galore: Boost your shopping power with a variety of gift card prizes from leading retailers.

The breadth of these extra prizes amplifies the overall winning opportunities, meaning that every entry could lead to multiple gains. Whether it’s to treat yourself with a splurge, or even to re-gift and share the joy, the array of secondary prizes can provide winners with a multitude of delights.

Secondary prize draw opportunities with Omaze

Encouragement to participate is fostered not just by the grand home prize, but by the knowledge that each ticket stands several chances to bring fortune. Participation in these draws isn’t just about the shot at a life-changing main prize, but also about the anticipation of these additional rewards, making the Omaze experience truly dynamic. So, while dreaming big about your potential new home, remember that there’s more on offer – your ticket is the gateway to a treasure trove of possibilities.

Navigating Legalities: Ensuring Fair Play in House Raffle Competitions

When it comes to participating in the chance to win a luxurious property, it is crucial for both organisers and entrants to understand the prize draw rules and prize competition laws that shape a fair and transparent process. Omaze sets a benchmark in its commitment to strict adherence to legal standards, thereby ensuring that every entrant has a chance at success without breaching regulatory requirements.

Official Rules and Regulations

Comprehensive prize draw rules form the backbone of a legitimate competition. Omaze operates within a framework that is not just in line with international standards but also honours local prize competition laws. The rules in place dictate every aspect of the draw, from entries to the announcement of winners, procedures for handling disputes, and the privacy of participants. Omaze goes the extra mile in regularly updating their rules, making them readily available to ensure absolute clarity for potential participants.

Participant Eligibility and Restrictions

Ensuring participants meet the prize draw eligibility requirements is essential for maintaining the integrity of house raffle competitions. At Omaze, eligibility stretches beyond simple factors such as age and residency; it also outlines a set of prohibited participants in competitions. These include, but are not limited to, previous grand prize winners within the preceding 18 months and employees directly associated with the company. These restrictions are enforced rigorously to uphold fair chances for all and sustain the genuine spirit of charitable giving.

  1. Understanding prize draw terms and conditions for informed participation.
  2. Recognising one’s own eligibility to enter property raffles.
  3. Identifying any potential disqualifications to avoid frustration.

Participating in Omaze’s house raffle draws not only offers a shot at a life-changing prize but also contributes to the greater good, all within the boundaries of clearly defined and responsibly enforced legal parameters.

Fair Play in House Raffle Competitions


Across the United Kingdom, the allure of house raffle competitions has grown significantly, with platforms like Omaze leading the charge in offering an exhilarating prize draw experience. These events not only present a chance for you to win exceptional properties and transform your life but also serve a greater purpose by facilitating charitable support. Every entry into an Omaze prize draw echoes a commitment to aiding worthwhile causes while courting the possibility of grandeur.

Regulated and lawful, these competitions have established a framework of trust and fairness. The aspiration to join a house raffle competition is more than a leap of hope—it is a stride into a realm where dreams align with the spirit of generosity. The Omaze prize draw experience is meticulously designed to ensure that regardless of the outcome, your participation contributes to a broader social good.

For those with visions of property grandeur, opportunities are but an entry away. Embrace the potentiality of ownership and philanthropy, where the excitement of the draw and the nobility of charity coalesce. Your next step might just pave the way to your dream home, while bolstering charities determined to make a difference.


What are million house prize draws?

Million house prize draws, such as those hosted by Omaze and other platforms, are competitions where entrants have the chance to win luxury properties worth a million pounds or more. These draws offer entrants the opportunity to win a dream home while supporting charitable causes through property lottery giveaways.

How can I enter to win a million pound house?

You can enter to win a million-pound house by participating in a property giveaway, like those offered by Omaze. Entries can be made through purchase starting from £10 or by sending a postcard for free entry. Subscriptions for monthly automatic entries are also available.

What is Omaze?

Omaze is a for-profit company operating in the UK that facilitates monthly prize draws, offering participants the chance to win luxury properties while supporting various charities. It provides a “win:win” fundraising model, contributing significant sums to charity regardless of the draw’s overall revenue.

How does Omaze alter lives with mansion prize draws?

Omaze alters lives by providing the chance to win mansion prize draws where the prizes include fully-furnished, mortgage-free luxury homes, sometimes accompanied by bonus prizes like luxury cars, offering a potentially life-changing opportunity to the participants.

What charities benefit from the mansion prize draws?

Charitable donations from mansion prize draws go to a variety of non-profit organisations such as Cancer Research UK, the British Heart Foundation, and other major charities. Omaze ensures a minimum of £1 million donation to its chosen charities with each prize draw.

What additional prizes can be won in secondary prize draw opportunities?

Apart from the grand prize of a luxury property, participants can win additional prizes in secondary prize draw opportunities. These may include early bird cash bonuses, luxury cars, and other rewards like gift cards, enhancing the attraction of entering these competitions.

What rules govern the prize draws?

Prize draws are governed by official rules that create a binding agreement between the participant and the host, such as Omaze. These rules are updated regularly and are designed to comply with international and local laws, ensuring a fair and transparent competition for all entrants.

Who is eligible to participate in house raffle competitions?

Eligibility for house raffle competitions may differ depending on the specific competition. Generally, participants must meet age and residency requirements, and certain individuals such as previous grand prize winners within the last 18 months or employees of the competition host are prohibited from entering.

Can I join a house raffle competition?

Yes, if you are a UK resident who meets the eligibility criteria for age and residency, and you are not a prohibited participant as defined in the competition rules, you may join a house raffle competition and stand a chance to win luxurious properties through platforms like Omaze.

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